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        The water hole gas bag can be used if there is water in the hole. The gas bag can be fixed at any position in the water.

        1. Take gravel from the work site and put it into the matching bag¢Ù.
        2. Put the gas bag into the hole to the predetermine position with the red load-bearing rope¢Ü (The red rope ¢Ü is marked with the scale), during the process of falling, make sure the white rope ¢Û enters the hole smoothly and is strictly forbidden pulled;
        3. After the gas bag has reached the predetermine position, slow tension rope ¢Û to be stuck in the hole with the support bar ¢Ú, continue to force tension rope ¢Û, the valve of gas bag will be opened, according to the temperature and hole size waiting one to three minutes after the gas bag reached the stated pressure, Complete the interval and then filling the explosive.

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