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        Press type gas bag£¨Adjustable Speed£©patent number: CN 201822132297.3
        The gas bag is also called ¡°gas spacer¡±¡¢¡±air spacer¡±¡¢¡±BJQ¡±¡¢¡±blast bag¡±¡¢¡±bore hole plug¡±¡¢¡±spacing charging¡± etc.
         The valve of discharge is opened manually outside the hole, there are two speed can be selected£¬ the operator can choose according to the depth of the hole.
        Normally , fast speed can be controlled 8-15 seconds
                  Slow speed can be controlled 20-30 seconds
        (We calculate the time from the release of the gas to the contact the wall of the hole , the temperature is 25¡æ).

        Pressing Type Gas Bag £¨Adjustable Speed£©Operate Instruction
        1, Opening the rope and straightening it out. Operator need determine the number of depth meters placed on the traction rope and mark it(red is 5 meters, blue is 10 meters, yellow is 15 meters, and the middle black mark is 1 meter); Refer to picture 1.
        2, According to the depth of the hole, the operator can select the slow valve£¨up the button£© or the fast valve£¨down the button£© and put it into the hole until the predetermined depth mark is reached; Refer to picture 2 and 3.
        3, Shaking the traction rope with your hands until you feel that the traction rope has been strained, and the gas bag has expanded to no longer fall down, installation complete. Refer to picture 4
        4, Continue with other operations such as filling¡¢blocking off¡¢blasting. Refer to picture 5

        copyright£ºShi Jia Zhuang City Lu Quan District Zhi Cheng Mining Equipment Co. Ltd. ICP preparation17002326-1