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        Pull type gas bag patent number: CN 20120289103.9
        The gas bag is also called ¡°gas spacer¡±¡¢¡±air spacer¡±¡¢¡±BJQ¡±¡¢¡±blast bag¡±¡¢¡±bore hole plug¡±¡¢¡±spacing charging¡± etc
        The valve of gas bag can be opened in the hole, the operator can ensure the accurate position of the spacer and then open the gas bag£¬The pressure in the gas bag can meet the filling requirements in a short period of time(The test temperature is 20¡æ for the size-165mm hole, and the time from the exhaust to the spacer to reach the filling requirement does not exceed 12 seconds). Shortening the waiting time for filling and improve the working efficiency.
        Advantages as follows:
         Opening the valve at predetermined position in the hole
         Accurate placement of the spacer
         The rapid release of gas has greatly reduced the waiting time for the filling of the hole and improved the efficiency of the work.

        copyright£ºShi Jia Zhuang City Lu Quan District Zhi Cheng Mining Equipment Co. Ltd. ICP preparation17002326-1