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        The company was founded in August 2010, it is located in LU QUAN District, SHI JIA ZHUANG City, HE BEI P.R. CHINA. It mainly produces and sells LI-BAO gas bag(the gas bag is also called ¡°gas spacer¡±¡¢¡±air spacer¡±¡¢¡±BJQ¡±¡¢¡±blast bag¡±¡¢¡±bore hole plug¡±¡¢¡±spacing charging¡± etc)for Mine, the company concurrently operates mining perforation and sells mining equipment .
        • The gas contained in the product  is non-Flammable and no explosive, which improves the safety of manufacture¡¢ transportation,¡¢ storage and use.
        • The company sells nearly 200,000 gas bags a year. The gas bags are mainly sold to major mines in China and exported to Australia¡¢ the United States¡¢Outer Mongolia¡¢South Africa¡¢Cambodia¡¢Burma etc.
        It is the first responsibility of our company to provide the safe and reliable product to customers.
        Our company is your first choice which the partners that can reduce mining cost!

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